12 Stylish Gift Ideas for Star Trek Fans

12 Stylish Gift Ideas for Star Trek Fans

For years it's been possible to buy toys, costumes, and gag gifts as a Star Trek fan, but now there are some seriously high quality Trek products out there. Do you or does someone you love live for the Trek?  This list is our top twelve stylish and luxurious Star Trek items meant for your life, not just for your shelf. When you love Star Trek, you live Star Trek. Treat yourself today.


1. Captain's Tea Set

Sleek and ultra-modern, this Enterprise tea set from ThinkGeek is perfect for cozy evenings with warm drinks this winter.

From ThinkGeek for $59.99


2. Picard Sweater

Get this before the new show comes out and be prepared! Doubling as a rich red holiday garment, the Picard Sweater from Volante Design will let you bring Picard’s dash of class to the winter season.

From Volante Design for $159


3. Star Trek: Discovery Black Badge

Quantum Mechanix makes every badge from TOS to TNG and Discovery! Made with strong, durable magnets, these badges can go on any uniform replica or even a backpack or jacket.

From Quantum Mechanix for $14.95


4. Cru Borgeouis Bordeaux Wine 

They say there’s no better gift than wine. In advance of the upcoming show, Picard, a real French vineyard produced Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Bordeaux. Order a bottle for yourself or a few for the parties you’ll be heading to.

From Star Trek Wines for $719 (case) or $88 (2 bottles)


5. Star Trek Logo Diamond Necklace

Don’t let it be said that geeks aren’t fancy! This delicate logo necklace from Bixler is a bright reminder of Starfleet that easy to dress up or dress down. A mix of old world elegance and modern ideals, you can give her a gift that shows you know what she’s into and when she needs to wear it. 

From Bixler for $565


6. TNG Wesley Leggings

Nothing is more TNG than Wesley Crusher and spandex. Get a two for one with these unique leggings from GoldBubble and evoke both the Next Generation uniforms and Wesley’s beloved shirt.

From GoldBubble for $69


7. Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Cell phones are so last century. Get this Star Trek Shop official communicator (and case!) and join the future.

From Star Trek Shop for $149.95


8. Starfleet 2364 

All handmade with interior and exterior pockets, this Next Generation Starfleet jacket can be dressed up into a costume or dressed down for daily wear. Whether your focus is Command, Operations, or Sciences, there’s a variant for you. Quality made by fans for fans to wear for years. 

From Volante Design for $315


9. Captain's Chair Dog Bed

We all know who the real captain of the house is. Your pup deserves to rule to roost from this comfortable captain’s chair dog bed. Durable and high quality, any dog is guaranteed to love it.

From Amazon for $74.99


10. Star Trek Beyond Asymmetrical Dress

Want to rock your Trekkie style without sporting a logo? Represent for space and for the show with this sleek dress from GoldBubble. It has the bold color blocking of the Starfleet uniforms but also a glorious space print. Dress up unique.

From GoldBubble for $119


11. U.S.S Discovery Engraved Cuff Bracelet

Join the crew of the Discovery now! These customizable, minimalist cuff bracelets can be for any of the Starfleet ships in a variety of luxurious materials. Pick the crew you most fit in with and take to the skies with this ID cuff bracelet from Bixler. 

From Bixler for $234


12. TOS Spock 1:6 Scale Articulated Figurine

Decorate in style with this meticulously detailed figurine. This Vulcan can adorn your home and remind you to always live long and prosper.

From Quantum Mechanix for $179

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