Sizing and tailoring

How do I know what size I am?

We know shopping on the internet is tough and every company seems to
do their sizing differently. For the most part, our jackets are True
Size and based on a chest measurement. To figure out what size you are on your own, you can use the Mens' Sizing Chart or the Women's Sizing Chart. If you find these charts confusing, use the "What's My Size?" link at the bottom to use the automated app!

If you’d like a little help with the process, use our Sizing Consult and we’ll walk you through the process. Simply fill out our sizing consult form and you’ll receive a personal size recommendation from a real live member of our team--no robots here!

What is the difference between Men’s cut, Women’s cut, and Unifit?

“Cut” refers to the shape of the jacket. We offer several shapes to
fit your preferred look. In some cases the best fit for you may be a
men’s or women’s cut. Our Men’s cut has more space in the shoulders,
while our Women’s cut tucks in at the waist and leaves a bit more space
in the hips. Our Unifit is gender neutral and is usually made of less
structured materials. If you are a size 37 in a Men’s or Women’s cut,
you will also be a 37 in Unifit.

I know my size in one product, will it be the same for all of them?

Generally, yes. You may prefer a looser fitting outer garment, like a
heavy coat, but want a more close-fitting vest. This could mean going a
size down would work for you. We also tend to recommend going up a size
in our waxed canvas jackets as they are stiffer. Most of the time,
however, if you have found the right size, it will work across the board
for any of our products. We will always be happy to assist you with a
sizing consult if you have any doubts or questions.

Can you tailor my coat?

We do not offer tailoring as a standard service. While it is
possible for us to tailor your coat, it will change the price
significantly. This is because the tailoring process has a lot in common
with our custom process, where a product is individually changed by
hand for your specific needs. If you have an alteration in mind, feel
free to contact us and we’ll walk you through specific pricing or give
you advice on how to have a tailor near you make the change.