First Time Kickstarter Backer Tutorial! | The Operator System

We're so excited to launch our first Kickstarter for the Operator System! Since a lot of you are new to Kickstarter as well, here's a quick guide to get you ready.


1. Choose your pledge tier from the options shown on the right side of the page.

You'll see details of what items are in each reward tier. If a tier has limited quantity, you'll see how many are left so you can act fast! For a visual look at the rewards, we have graphics on the campaign page too.

2. Confirm your pledge tier level.

3. Click 'Continue,' check the amount, and click 'Pledge'.

That's it! You're ready to receive an Operator System of your very own.


Post-Campaign Follow Up 

After the campaign ends, we'll send out emails directing you to our pledge manager to fill out a backer survey. You can confirm your shipping address and pay for shipping, choose your color, and purchase additional add-ons. Shipping is not included in the pledge tiers, and is charged at this stage based on weight and location. If you're located outside the US, you might be charged duties, taxes, or other fees. Volante Design is not responsible for covering those fees. 


Have any questions? Drop them in the comments section of our campaign for a fast response!


Check out our Operator System YouTube playlist to see more!

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