Join Us On Discord

Join Us On Discord

Dear People who follow Volante Design,

I think it's time you had a name. David and I have been joking for years that instead of a child we've got a business. There are some funny parallels. Hear me out. At the beginning you have no idea what you're doing and it keeps you up at night. When something goes wrong it's the worst thing that has ever happened because there is no precedent. You make mistakes, you later see that there were higher roads, or more diplomatic answers. Now our business is about 6- it does basically  let us sleep through the night. There are a few nightmares but not so many. It goes out on adventures without us. Is this metaphor getting weird yet? 

The point is, Volante Design has been both intensely personal for David, me and our team and also very, very public, because obviously (to us at least) without you, the audience, our people, folks who think what we're doing is worth while, there would be no Volante Design. At the risk of sounding hopelessly momish- you're our village. We may not be the biggest village in the nerdy cultural bubble but you're here and we notice it every single day. 

Some seasons are slow- this is normal for any business- but it can be hard to believe that it'll pick up again. When it's June 5th or 6th and we haven't sold more than a pin in a few days it always feels like we'll probably close on June 7th. While I know that June is slow and I prepare by having at least a few months of operating costs in the bank, it still seems like the end is nigh. It hasn't ever been the end. Knock on wood.

This is the season (August to October) when we take the show on the road. I usually get to see you people, I think of you as my people, our community, in all the various cities that we hit up. This year I'm at home packing for a show and taking care of things in the office. I'm both intensely grateful to have the amazing team that I have who go on the road and allow me to stay home (it's so easy to get burnt out on the road and I don't travel that well). And also, I'm a little sad. I miss seeing you. I miss hearing what you think of the newest design or what you want us to design. I miss seeing your costumes and the amazing colors of your hair and make-up. I miss the couple who visit every show they're at with their therapy dog. I miss those funny stoic guys who say very little and then when they try on a jacket they start to giggle and jump around. 

I know that I need to be able to travel less, to work on the big picture strategy, to design a LOTR collection(sqweee), to file taxes and royalty reports (uggg). I know that I don't travel well- I don't time change well, I don't food change well, I am basically a fussy pants in every way you can imagine. But maybe we can have a conversation here? Maybe you can send me your photos of your dope outfit? I can tell you what pants to wear on your date, or not to wear. We could talk about sustainably made clothes and what a superhero means in today's language.  We could discuss how interesting that the villain of Spider-man: Far From Home is basically a master of CGI. 

No artist can thrive without their supporters. Da Vinici was supported by his few but very powerful patrons, the Medici. Amanda Palmer has a Patreon with many people who give her a few bucks. There are a lot of models out there.  You can support us by buying a jacket, or by helping to share our work, or by inviting us to a panel at your local con, or to have coffee in your local town if we happen to be going by. You support us by telling us what we're doing well and what you love, as well as what we can get better at. SO what do we call you? How can we connect and say thank you? 

So, I'd like to invite you to join our discord server.  Let's have a conversation. What's your name Volante People? 

We have only come up with silly things like "the Volantini" which ensues a chorus of "Utinni!" or "the brotherhood", which is too franchise specific and a bit dudeish.

TLDR: Volante Design and I are on Discord and I like you. I'm testing out what it might be like to talk to you as me... and not as Volante Design. Also, I think we need a club/gang/initiates name. 

Stay Badass,


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