We are raising our prices

We are raising our prices

Hey all, 

The world is increasingly expensive to inhabit. Amazon, McDonalds, Netflix and even Dunkin Donuts are raising their prices. We don’t want to be like those guys, but there’s a fact behind what they’re doing that is hard to ignore. The reality is, things cost more than ever before.

Here at Volante Design we're working to keep the dream alive every day: a small company that pays its people well and makes extraordinary products is a viable way forward. In order to keep that dream going, we have to raise our prices to keep making enough to make the whole equation work. 

For those of you who are in our Vanguard, who order from us regularly, we see you, we appreciate you, there is nothing we can do to thank you adequately. 

If we could, we would 100% give our products away for free, but capitalism y’all. 

I know this will mean some of you buy less, or can’t buy something this season. It is my hope that you will continue to stay in our community. We are already looking for ways to make a more accessible line, starting with looking for ethically certified factories in Mexico and Canada to supplement our US made goods. It’s our commitment to quality and fairness that makes this price hike so necessary. 

Some good things are coming out of this too! 

We will be offering free shipping to orders over 100$

We will be able to keep making epic coats

We commit to looking for ways to produce things at a lower price point as soon as we’re able

We will be able to keep paying competitive wages to our amazing staff

You’re getting advance warning of this so that you can jump on our old pricing for this week! 

Stay Badass Friends!

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  • Joseph Jensen

    At this point in time, in the world we live in, who could get upset at Team Volante (or, anyone… almost) for needing to keep up with the relative value of a $1?
    If your prices change daily based on any factor you choose, would I (or, anyone… almost) complain?
    The important part is the lights stay on, the doors stay open, and the kickass streetwear keeps getting shipped to my welcome mat. Everything else is, well, just the cost of doing business.

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