Our Loyalty Program is Changing

Our Loyalty Program is Changing

We’re heckin' proud of being able to receive your loyalty and repeated orders. One way we celebrate you making orders with us is the Volante Loyalty Program! We give you a % back on your orders so that you can make the next order a little more easily. It’s good for you and it’s good for us! 

However, the loyalty program we have in place right now is not ideal- it serves both our best and oldest customers as well as the newest ones the same way. 

We want to make sure that everyone is rewarded, but we want to treat the stalwart among you a little bit differently to express how much we have appreciated you throughout these years. You will be getting some sweet perks! We want to make sure that the program is still easy to join for our newbies with the chance to level up as you gather more XP.

This should all be sounding pretty good by now. However, there is some bad news: in order to implement our new system we have to put the old one out to pasture. We’ll be working to re-configure it and re-release it. What does that mean? 

Your points are going to expire! You’ve got until New Year’s Eve to spend them. We hope that this gives you plenty of time to make the best of them! 

Your rank will be moved over into the new system, but not your points. In fact, going forward all points will have an expiration date on them. This may seem like unfortunate news, but I think you’ll find the change to be a good one! I know that’s vague, there will be more info in December as we clarify the steps and the level designations so stay tuned.

Happy ordering!

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