The Return of Custom Orders

2020 was an unprecedented year for the world, and it completely changed our approach to production at Volante Design. Previously, we had worked with a few trusted factories to make batches of jackets to bring to cons. 2020 found cons canceled and those factories shut down for several months due to COVID-19. Fortunately, our small team is both mighty and nimble, and we began making more items in-house than ever before.
In times of crisis, you focus on what's important above all else. We love making your custom dreams come to life, but we realized we were losing money on every custom order and were driving ourselves a little crazy trying to accomplish too much at once. We put custom orders on hold for the rest of 2020, and are now ready to bring them back with a few notable changes. We hope you'll understand that this new way of tackling custom orders is more sustainable for us, as individuals and as a company.
1. Select products will be available as custom items on the site with no major design changes, ie, the Eagle. Only specific, in-stock fabric and notions will be available. We will no longer be custom ordering fabric for these pieces.
2. Custom items will be available in standard fit, which is ideal if you fit our standard sizing and would like a custom color scheme. For an additional fee we will customize the fit to you.
3. Custom items will have a few, pre-selected customization options available, like hood style. If you are looking for a customization not listed on the product page, it would be considered a supercustom (see #5). These options are our recommendations based on experience and design vision.
4. We will be opening custom orders on a rotating basis as new slots are available. This will allow us to complete a batch of custom pieces before opening up to new orders, and will reduce your wait times once your order is placed.
5. If you want an item outside of the norm, like a bespoke creation or a mashup of several designs, this will now fall into the supercustom category. Twice a year, we will open for supercustom submissions and David will choose a select few that he is most excited to work on. Since supercustoms involve a significant amount of pattern work and design time, these slots will be extremely limited.
6. If you have been previously quoted a price for a custom design, that quote has expired and you will need to order it through the site or submit the idea as a supercustom submission. If you were quoted for an idea that does not appear on the site, like an Eagle with Gargoyle tails and Demon Killer cuffs, you will need to submit it as a supercustom submission.
Our custom product builder is now live with our first group of custom offerings! 4 custom order slots will reopen on Tuesday, 1/26 at 1pm ET. We will not be accepting custom orders before then, but in the meantime, you can use the custom product builder to decide what you're most excited for. Play with it, dream up a custom design, and have fun!

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