Volante Design's DNA: Our Core Values

Volante Design's DNA: Our Core Values

What is a core value, and why do they matter? A core value acts as a line in the sand. These are the things that “make or break us.” 

People who do these things well tend to flourish, get more responsibilities, grow into new roles, and generally succeed here at Volante Design. We’ve seen again and again how these few but highly meaningful habits and tendencies make our teams work great.

Every company has values, and you only usually hear about them if there’s a big problem or if it’s something that the company does better than anyone else; we’ve all heard about how Walmart doesn’t pay it’s employees well or how they buy the cheapest goods and quality or ethics are not important to them. On the other side of the spectrum we hear about places that “do it differently” and take care of their staff or create an intentional work environment. Pixar and Google come to mind. But of course they’re not perfect. 

We are by no means perfect either. But these are the values that we aspire to, strive for, check against, and pursue at all times.

People Count

We act with integrity and respect. We put people first in our production and design process. We put our customers first when we make decisions. We are as authentic and transparent as possible. This is an ongoing process. Because we put people first, that commitment dictates what sort of quality, fair, and equal employment we strive for in everything we do. We encourage our staff to enjoy their lives outside of work. We have a 401k benefit plan, work a four day work week, subsidize dental and health care, and give paid sick and vacation time. It’s not enough to talk the talk; we walk the walk.

We Get it Done

We are motivated and focused on achieving great outcomes. We are creative problem solvers acting with purpose and direction! We learn from our mistakes, don’t dwell on them, and keep moving forward.

Kind and Candid

We engage in serious debate with each other. Designs and products don’t pop out perfectly; they evolve. In order for them to be able to evolve we have to trust each other enough to share them, work on them, discuss them, and tweak them. Only through kind and candid feedback can we engage with something as delicate as the creative process. We take this approach of self-awareness and reflection into all our experiences and are aiming to learn from every experience no matter how seemingly insignificant or disastrous.

Hungry and Humble

We are hungry to grow, learn, succeed and improve. We believe there’s always something to learn and something to improve. Everyone is responsible for helping make the company, designs, and process better. We hire passionate, focused people who doggedly strive to make the organization, product, or project excellent. Onwards and upwards!

Nobody's Too Cool to Take Out the Trash

We look for people who step in when they see that something needs to be done. Teamwork makes the dream work and sometimes that work isn’t glamorous.

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