Welcoming our baby boys!

Welcoming our baby boys!

If you’ve been following along with us, you’ll know that David and I have been expecting twin baby boys. We are thrilled to share that they have arrived and are home and thriving. I am recovering well after a tough pregnancy. 

We all survived 19 days in the NICU and 7 weeks of hospitalization/bedrest prior to the boy’s birth. What a crazy ride that was. On the daily we look back at the pictures, think of how small our babies were and how grateful we are that they are getting chunky now. Both boys are gaining weight, learning how to nurse, and of course they are no longer preemies. They’re officially newborns now! 

This also means that all our routines are changing and we are trying to catch up. It’s almost as though every few days we have a whole new pattern and as long as we pay close attention and adapt everything keeps going smoothly. But when it isn’t going smoothly, well, it’s a lot! Twins are a lot to keep up with. We are up at all hours of the night, and when one cries the other joins in with gusto. But I think the joy is also magnified. Our arms are always full. When one twin sleeps the other gets contentedly cozy and drifts off. It’s amazing to witness such a close bond. 

The love is pretty outrageous. I know this is one of those statements that non-parents roll their eyes at. I know because I rolled my eyes. But yeah, I am finding that I can happily spend days at a time learning how my babies tick, doing laundry and hanging out with my three cool dudes (husband included here). Actually there’s very little hanging out. There’s sleeping, eating, laundry, diapers, dishes, cooking, feeding, burping and repeating. Sometimes we manage to shower or take a short walk with the dogs. 

We’ve decided not to share images of our babies online, since we want them to be able to choose how they are seen and own their own images. The tech of face recognition is constantly getting more advanced and as paranoid as it may sound, we’d rather be safe than sorry. That said, we are eager to share them with our friends in person and through more old fashioned means. We’d be happy to send you a birth announcement card! Please just send us a DM with your address. 

Thanks to all who sent us their warm wishes, baby hats, bibs, teas, warm meals, used toys, books, guidance and other supplies! We are so grateful! 

- Willow

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