We're Updating Our Designer's Workshop Model

We're Updating Our Designer's Workshop Model

Issues with the Current Model

We’re reworking the Designer's Workshop model.

We want to make every product that we come up with. There is so much inspiration out there, and our own fans always have great suggestions that we would love to turn into a reality. Sadly, that is just not possible for us as a small business. In order to be able to make some of our more experimental designs, we came up with the Designer's Workshop as a test model. It has been running for about a year now with some mixed success, so we’ve decided it’s time to tweak it.

One of the issues with the model is that it’s not clear enough that a Designer's Workshop product will be guaranteed to customers. We need a certain amount of units sold to be able to make these items, and unfortunately this means that some folks wait to order something, hoping that it will “come back,” not realizing that we might never make it again.

Another issue is that we have to buy materials and supplies long before the sale starts in order to shorten the waiting period. We buy enough materials for the full run without knowing how many units will be made, which produces a lot of waste.

New Designer's Workshop Model Specifics

So we decided to rethink how we do Designer Workshops. Instead of doing a small batch run that may or may not be a big hit, we’re going with a more fan-backed model. Similar to how a Kickstarter would work, we are going to launch a product with a target goal of units sold before it will officially go into production. Reaching that threshold ensures that all of the pre-orders will be made, and it will get a full 100 piece contender run.

So what does this update change for you? Honestly, not much. You are still able to make your purchase normally through our website just like any other order. There are no caps on the sizes, so you don’t have to worry about your size being sold out. The pre-order window will be extended from two weeks to four weeks so you have some extra time to get your order in. It is a slightly longer processing time than our previous Designer's Workshops but not nearly as long as a full Kickstarter; approximately three months from the end of the pre-order phase. You will also be able to use and accrue XP like any other order.

This allows us to be more transparent with our customers about how well a product is doing. It places the control in your hands. If you’re really excited about a product, you can follow along with the progress bar on the page and share it with your friends to push it further toward the goal. This means that we’re only making the things that you really want, and gives us a better sense of what our audience is really excited for. You can rest assured that there is no guesswork involved. By the end of the pre-order window you are either guaranteed the product, or you're guaranteed a full refund.

We appreciate all the support we’ve gotten over the past few years and we want to make sure we’re bringing you only the best we have to offer. We strive to not only provide you a high quality product but to also make the buying experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. We look forward to the opportunities this update will bring.

Stay badass friends.

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