Volante design loyalty rewards program

Welcome to the definitive guide to maximizing your rewards with our revamped Loyalty Rewards Program!

In a constant effort to offer an unmatched experience for our customers, we’re excited to announce a significant update: Instead of every six months, loyalty points will now expire after a period of one year. This means you’ll have more than enough time to enjoy the benefits you’ve earned! In addition, we're introducing a Referral Program! A friend of yours is a friend of ours—login to your account and send your link to a friend to receive 3000 XP ($20). That's not all; your friend will get $30 off their first purchase as well!

Let’s dive into how you can make the most of every purchase, from your very first order to the prestigious Diamond Tier:

Climbing the Tiers

Your tier status is based on all past transactions made with us, from both online and event sales. For example, making three to four purchases will typically earn you entry into the Bronze Tier. While points and coupons will be subject to expiration dates (Remember, loyalty points expire after one year), there is no time limit on reaching a tier, and once you’ve reached a tier, you can’t fall back down. Each tier improves your earning rate for XP which you can use for discounts and offers additional unique benefits as you climb higher and higher!

Iron Tier

The Iron Tier is your very first step into the Volante Vanguard. By making your first purchase, you’re already in. Your first, second and third orders will all come with special discounts sent to your email! Everybody in the Iron Tier earns 5XP for each $1 spent. That’s 150XP equating to a $1 redemption! Typically, three to four purchases will qualify you for the Bronze Tier. 


Once you've spent between $1,200 and $2,399, you arrive at the Bronze Tier. You’ve moved up in the world–here, every $1 spent earns you 8XP, and you enjoy a 5% discount rate overall. 


Spending between $2,400 and $4,699 upgrades you to the Silver Tier. Now, you earn 9XP for every $1 spent, and maintain an overall 6% discount rate. 


Reaching Gold Tier means you've spent between $4,700 and $8,599 here–you’re a superfan! You continue to earn 9XP per dollar with a 1.8x multiplier and a 6% discount rate. Plus, you get an extra $20 off every year on our birthday. 


In the Platinum Tier, after spending between $8,600 and $11,999, your multiplier increases to 2.2x, giving you 11XP per $1 spent. The discount rate also rises to 7%, and you continue to receive the $20 annual Volante birthday coupon. 


At the Diamond Tier, for those who've spent $12,000 or more, the perks include the same $20 birthday coupon and same 2.2x multiplier and 7% discount rate as Platinum . However, as a meber of the highest tier, you’ll also get the exclusive chance to buy a custom piece from Volante Design each year.

How’s the view from the top?!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see your progress at the bottom right of the website and in your account profile.

Every April we celebrate Volante’s birthday, and we invite you to celebrate, too! This reward means that every year, you'll receive a special discount code for extra savings

Iron Tier members will still be able to earn XP, just not at the same rate. If you're not Bronze yet don't worry, you're probably closer than you think! Usually, your third or fourth order will take you out of Iron and place you in Bronze.

Your XP will reset one year after your qualifying purchase, but you will never lose your tier ranking progress.

Yes. Once you redeem your XP for a discount code you will have two weeks before that code expires. Once the code expires the points and the code will be GONE, so don't convert them until you're ready to use them!

Yes. Diamond Tier members will have the opportunity to purchase a custom piece once a year at any point during the year. This resets January 1st of each year!

Yes. A custom piece has a few requirements:

  • It must be an existing design (a design that currently exists or has been made before - any previous design is eligible) in a size we currently offer. 
  • The fabric colors must be colors offered by the manufacturer. 

Diamond Tier members who are interested in purchasing a custom can email info@volantedesign.us to start planning their piece!

It is your reward to do with as you see fit, so if you want to use it to buy a custom for someone else we won't stop you. But do keep in mind it's the only one you get that year.

If you have multiple accounts with significant spend, you can reach out to info@volantedesign.us to see if they can be combined for your tier ranking. Under the new loyalty program, make sure to keep all your XP under one account.

Nope, sorry.